Chocolateria Yahya
Chocolateria Yahya

The main task was to update the brand and the need to make a complex name more recognizable. We decided to add a new association — the Eden Garden.


Birds and uncovered cocoa beans have become the hallmark of the interior, and the feeling of the garden is recreated by natural materials, especially marble in a suitable color scheme.


We have visually expanded the space by adding mirrors and portals between the rooms, turned the windows into cozy showcases, decorating both the interior and exterior.


An important task was to change the facade of the building so that even from the boulevard through the crowns of trees it was clearly visible. We turned the porch with a canopy into a monumental inviting portal of complex shape and focused attention on the entrance door due to the narrowing of the portal.


The place turned out to be very interesting and a new spot has appeared in the city where you can comfortably spend time and enjoy the Yahya’s products.